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Hi, my name is Kellie, and I've been a certified life coach for 17 years. I know there are three things you are probably experiencing right now:

  • You're not happy with a part, or all of your life.
  • You know you want to change it, you even
    may know what you want to change it to.
  • You don't know how to change it.

You want to know:

  • What kind of life coaching do I (Kellie) do?
  • Can life coaching help you, specifically?
  • Am I personally the right coach for you?

"Kellie's just so easy to work with. I like to sit back in my chair and think out loud.  She's the perfect sounding board for brainstorming ideas. I love how energetic and effervescent she is - like champagne." -- Mark Fechner

I want to answer all three questions, so let's start with "What kind of life coaching do I do?"

I have experience and expertise in relationship, health, balance, career, and spiritual coaching. I specialize in helping people get in touch with their intuition and using it on a day to day basis to live their most fulfilling life.


Here is my process:

  • I help you discover and get a very clear vision of what YOU want: what will offer you the most fulfilling life (or relationship/health/career etc.)
  • Together we design a step-by-step plan (you'll always know what to do next!) using YOUR skills and strengths to achieve that fulfilling vision. Life is always changing so we'll re-strategize as needed moving forward.
  • I will help you eliminate any and all blocks that come up that have stopped you in the past, are stopping you now, or could stop you in the future from implementing that plan and achieving your vision!
  • I will encourage you, support you, cheer you on, hold you accountable, and pick you up when you fall. I will see you all the way through and celebrate with you when you have what you want.
  • I will NOT allow you to wallow in self-pity or feel sorry for yourself! You are a powerful, competent being and you CAN change your life around. I will always see you and hold you as the powerful person you are! 

Let's look at your next question, "Can life coaching help you, specifically?"

The answer is YES, IF (and it's a big if!), you are willing to partner with your coach. Here's what that means:  

  • In the coaching sessions, you work as hard as I do: You must be willing to look at things that are hard to look at, be honest with yourself and with me, be willing to try new things ('cause the old things haven't worked, right?), make agreements on what you'll do to move forward between sessions (you choose the agreements, not me), and take note of new insights you have so you can use them in your day to day life.
  • Outside of the sessions, you also have to do the work: keep your agreements and take those steps to move forward on your plan, watch out for the blocks that get in your way and don't let them stop you, take note of any new blocks that come up and bring them to your next coaching session so we can handle them, once and for all.

Alright, now for your last question, "Am I personally the right coach for you?"

The best way I know of to answer this question is to show you what some of my previous clients have said about me. I was the right coach for them, so if what they say resonates with you, there's your answer!  

Click here to request a free phone or video consultation with Kellie.

Success Stories

Lorna McCarty

"Kellie, before I met you, I had lost my direction. To complicate matters, I was extremely busy with a lot of obligations. I felt like I was spread very thin. Adding one more thing to my life seemed like a real chore.  You helped me get back in touch with my purpose, my passion, and my intuition. With that kind of focus, I'm a powerhouse. You pointed me in a direction that my heart knew was right.  Now I know that with hard work and smart decisions, which you're helping me make, I'll be a success. I have my confidence back!  Kellie, I want you to know that I feel completely supported by you. You're very conscientious. It's important to me to feel that I can depend on people, and I absolutely know that you're there for me.  You've shown me over and over again in so many ways, big and small, that I matter, that I'm important. It goes beyond money. I feel valued and special. I know that you really care, that it comes from your heart. It's who you are, and that means so much to me. I couldn't have asked for a better coach or mentor." -- Lorna McCarty

Fern Perusse-Filzen

"Throughout the six months we coached, what stands out for me is how much Kellie supported me through every emotion and every roadblock that I put up for myself." -- Fern Perusse-Filzen

Phil Shuart

"When I decided to work with Kellie, I follow my intuition and I gravitate toward positive vibes. Kellie has those vibes: she's very encouraging. She doesn't have to try to be genuine because she just is. She's centered, knows who she is, knows what she's passionate about. Her gratitude for being able to do what she does for people made me want to work with her. She's easy to work with, and I really felt her genuine sense of caring about my success. I would confidently recommend the services of Kellie deRuyter to anyone, with no hesitation at all." -- Phil Shuart

John O'Brien

"What Kellie delivered was way in excess of the price I paid. The value I received exceeded my expectations by miles! She stretched me, challenged me, focused me and got me to think in a very productive and creative way. Kellie was in sync with me every step of the way. She listened carefully, held me accountable, and asked the right questions at the right time. I felt like we were always on the same level, and there was always a natural understanding of where I wanted to go." -- John O'Brien

Angela Good

"Kellie, you've helped me: - Get a handle on my finances and make more money! I'm making multiple six figures now, being my own boss!  - I'm working fewer hours and my work has improved in quality and quantity. - I prioritize more effectively, doing things that are effective at bringing in money. - I've gotten control of my time! - I spend quality time with my family where I value it most. I am happier than I've been in 20 years! Thank you, Kellie!" -- Angela Good

Sandi Silva

"When I contacted Kellie, I was stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed. I was having a difficult time balancing work, family, and home, let alone creating any "me" time. Working with Kellie has honestly made me feel much more in control and much more empowered than I've ever felt before. xxx And most importantly, she has helped me see that I can have a successful business AND more time with my son! -- Sandi Silva Thank you, Kellie, for the amazing breakthrough and growth!"

Kathy Vervan Bugglin

"Kellie, I have to admit, there were times that I thought "Oh my gosh, did I take on too much here?" But there was a calmness about you that grounded me. Your encouragement, positive energy and sense of humor carried me forward when I was struggling. You really helped me believe in myself. And the confidence stayed with me. I thought: "Ok Kathy, you can do this!" And I did." -- Kathy Vervan Bugglin

Susan Swazey Brandl

"The thing I like best about working with Kellie is her sense of humor. She makes me laugh! It makes the medicine go down better, like when she gives me a really funny critique on something that could "stand some improvement." She knows her stuff, she's spot on, and she makes me laugh about it too. So if you want to go from frustrated and confused, to passionate and fun, I couldn't think of anyone else to work with that would be better than Kellie." -- Susan Swazey Brandl

Ann Rebera

"What I really loved about working with Kellie was she understood that I had the answers within me. She skillfully combined her knowledge with the "coach approach," asking powerful questions and offering perspectives, information and ideas, but always leaving the final decisions up to me. I like being treated that way, it frees up my creativity so I can be at my very best. Overall, I'd say working with Kellie has been extremely effective in taking me from possibility, to reality!" -- Ann Rebera

Rachel Ramm

"Everything Kellie did with me was great, but what I found the most valuable was the speed--we got so much done, so fast! The speed of her creativity was awesome, and her intuition was very powerful. I was very attracted and drawn to the amazing balance Kellie has between head and heart. She's very practical and logical, but also very creative and intuitive. That gave me a lot of trust in her." -- Rachel Ramm

Jenny Jordan

"When I first spoke with Kellie, my biggest challenges were time and my inability to focus. She kept me focused, on point, and on task, and sometimes with me that's like herding cats! She made sure we made the most of our time together. I really liked working with Kellie because she "got" my sense of humor (and not everyone does). It was great! I felt really comfortable, and she was easy to work with. Oh, and she doesn't get offended easily, which is great because some things just require swearing!" -- Jenny Jordan

Click here to request a free zoom (video) consultation with Kellie.

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